Scout Knives and Lessons Learned

I love a story about a good Boy Scout knife. My Camillus BSA Whittler was my first real knife, given to me by my father. Much like the author of this article: “Lasting love with a boyhood Scout knife,” my knife has grown with me over the years.

Obscure Object of Desire: Big Joe 5

Guy card check here. When someone asks you why you need a crossbow-speargun hybrid that person better not possess the Y-chromosome. “Killing Nazis” or “Killing Sentries” are good reasons along side “Cuz Cool”. For those of you who do not know, Big Joe 5 was a crossbow style weapon developed around WWII by the OSS […]

Nightly Knife Porn: Olympic Spirit Redux

Howdy folks. As promised, I am revisiting the Olympics theme for tonight’s ever less appropriately named “Nightly” Knife Porn feature. I am trying to keep the posts balanced, and have settled in on what I feel is a sustainable pace. Feel free to opine. Our last edition of Olympic Knife Porn elicited quite a few […]